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Research Projects

Current projects

EC/DC Epidemiological Computerized Data Collection

Funk-IS: Functionality enhancing technologies for built-in systems with application within advanced medical processes

Human language technology group at NADA

MCE, Multimodal Collaborative Environments

Mobil läxhjälp för andraspråksinlärning

Oralkirurgisk simulator

Science Education for the Internet Age


UTE - Underhållande Teknik Engagerar

UsersAward 2 - User-driven ICT Quality Assurance at Work

VIC Centre - Visualisation-Interaction-Collaboration


Past projects

(KnowHow project) Management and organisation of information in electronic communication

@Work: Supporting Social Awareness @Work

ARTUR - a multimodal ARticulation TUtoR

ASK-ME: Awareness Systems supporting Knowledge Management and Exchange in organisations

ASTROGEN - Aggregated deep and Surface naTuRal language GENerator

Aether: An Awareness Engine for CSCW

CID - Centre for user-oriented IT-Design

COMIC - Computer-based Mechanisms of Interaction in Cooperative Work (EU)

CoDesk: The Collaborative Desktop

CoPLand - Technology and methodology support for knowledge exchange and cooperation in nomadic workgroups

Cogniron: The cognitive robot companion

CommRob: Advanced behaviour and high-level multimodal communication with and among robots

Communication patterns in CSCW

Computer support for grammar-checking in Swedish

Computer-based methods for tracing the writing process

Computer-supported collaborative writing

Convivio - Network of Excellence for people-centered design of interactive systems (EU)

Cooperation in shared 3D spaces

DAPHNE - Digital and physical interactive environments

Decision processes and technology use in the coordination of newsroom work

Det gränsöverskridande lärandets innehåll och organisering (GLIO)

Digital literature

FAUST - Could Faust disinvent the A-bomb? (EU)

Formal meetings on distance

Färddator för affärsutveckling

Heavy users of email

INSCAPE – Interactive Storytelling For Creative People (EU)

Inhabited Information Spaces (EU)

Integrated language tools for writing and document handling

JML: J Markup Language

KidStory - Collaborative Storytelling for Children - with Children (EU)

KnowHow: Knowledge exchange, communication and context in electronic networks

Knowledge exchange and competence development in global and local networks

MICOLE: Multimodal collaboration environment for inclusion of visually impaired children

Maximizing efficiency of 2D X-ray imaging in surgery: Tracking and 3D visualization for enhanced control and patient safety

Models for human interaction with mobile service robots

Models for interaction with service robots as support for motion-impaired people in an office environment

MonAMI - Mainstreaming on Ambient Intelligence (EU)

Möjliggörande teknik genom användarcentrering och organisationsutveckling på beställarorganisationens villkor

NEPOMUK - Networked Environment for Personalized, Ontology-based Management of Unified Knowledge - The Social Semantic Desktop (EU)

Nomad: IT support for university students as nomadic workers and group learners

Object Oriented Tools for Distributed Multimedia Applications

Object-Oriented Constraint Programming

Problems in achieving a global perspective of the text

Procurement competence

SHAPE - Situating Hybrid Assemblies in Public Environments (EU)

ScandSum- Summarization network in Scandinavia

Scribani - Developing a European Writing Center

SeaSum-Search and Summarize

Shared Representations and Collaborative Learning of Interaction Design

Språ - an introductory study for a web site on language technology

The Knowledge Net

The use of language tools for writers in the context of learning Swedish as a second language

User-oriented development of a mobile fetch-and-carry unit for disabled people in office environments

Wapalizer-Wapalizer-To automatically create a WAP portal from a web portal

eRENA - Electronic Arenas for Art, Culture and Education (EU)

interLiving - Designing Interactive Intergenerational Interfaces for Living Together (EU)


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