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Rickard Domeij

Here infrequently, mostly fridays. Otherwise at SU: 16 34 04


For more information read my personal home page at


Current Projects

Human language technology group at NADA


Previous Projects

Computer support for grammar-checking in Swedish

Integrated language tools for writing and document handling

Språ - an introductory study for a web site on language technology


Publications within the HCI Group

Rickard Domeij, Datorn som hjälp vid språkgranskningen. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0302, NADA, December 2002.

Rickard Domeij, Kjell Krona, www.språ - Förstudie över upprättande av en virtuell mötesplats för språkteknologi. Technical report TRITA-NA-P9816, NADA, May 1998.

Rickard Domeij, Ola Knutsson, Stefan Larsson, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, Åsa Rex, Granskaprojektet 1996-1997. Technical report NADA, June 1998.

Rickard Domeij, Detecting, presenting and correcting low-level problems when editing with and without computer aids. In European Writing Conferences, Barcelona, October 1996.

Rickard Domeij, Ola Knutsson, Stefan Larsson, Datorstöd för språklig granskning under skrivprocessen - en lägesrapport. Technical report TRITA-NA-P9630, NADA, January 1996.

Rickard Domeij, Detecting and presenting errors for Swedish writers at work. Technical report TRITA-NA-P9629, NADA, January 1996.

Rickard Domeij, Språkgranskning med mönstermatchning i reguljära uttryck. Technical report TRITA-NA-P9402, NADA, January 1994.


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