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Kristina Groth

Phone: +46-(0)8-790 6279
Fax: +46-(0)8-790 9099
Office: Lindstedtsvägen 5, floor 6 , room 4622
Mail: HCI Group, CSC, KTH, 100 44 Stockholm

Kristina is a senior researcher at the HCI-group. Her research interests is mainly within human-computer interaction (HCI), computer supported cooperative work (CSCW), workplace studies, communities, and knowledge sharing. She is especially interested in CSCW aspects within health care settings in which she has been working since 2007.

Today Kristina works part time as a researcher at KTH and part time managing the telemedicine group at the Innovation Place Karolinska, Karolinska University Hosptial.


Current Projects

Funk-IS: Functionality enhancing technologies for built-in systems with application within advanced medical processes


Previous Projects

Knowledge exchange and competence development in global and local networks

KnowHow: Knowledge exchange, communication and context in electronic networks

The Knowledge Net

Communication patterns in CSCW

CoPLand - Technology and methodology support for knowledge exchange and cooperation in nomadic workgroups

ASK-ME: Awareness Systems supporting Knowledge Management and Exchange in organisations

NEPOMUK - Networked Environment for Personalized, Ontology-based Management of Unified Knowledge - The Social Semantic Desktop (EU)

CID - Centre for user-oriented IT-Design



Computer Support for Cooperative Work, 6 credits, period 3–4
Kristina Groth.


Publications within the HCI Group

Oscar Frykholm, Kristina Groth, References to personal experiences and scientific evidence during medical multi-disciplinary team meetings. Behaviour & Information Technology, 30:4, May 2011. 455-466. (Note: Special Issue: Medical Team Meetings: Utilising Technology to Enhance Communication, Collaboration and Decision-Making)

Kristina Groth, Oscar Frykholm, Alexander Arvei Yngling, Clinical Journal: A Collaborative Shared Medical Workspace. In Proceedings of CSCW'11, (Note: Interactive Poster)

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Oscar Frykholm, Kristina Groth, Shared visualization of patient information. Technical report NADA, April 2010. (Note: Position paper, Workshop on Interactive Systems in Healthcare (WISH), in conjunction with CHI2010)

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Oscar Frykholm, Kristina Groth, The “clinical information workspace”: Supporting collaborative medical team work. Technical report NADA, August 2009. (Note: Position paper, Workshop on Team meetings within clinical domains, INTERACT 2009)

Kristina Groth, Oscar Frykholm, Efficiency in Treatment Discussions: A Field Study of Time Related Aspects in Multi-Disciplinary Team Meetings. In Proceedings of CBMS, IEEE, USA, August 2009. (Note: further co-authors: Ralf Segersvärd, Bengt Isaksson, Johan Permert)

Kristina Groth, Understanding needs and requirements in applications for identifying clinically relevant similarities between patients with liver related diseases. In Proceedings of HealthInf, Porto, Portugal, January 2009. (Note: Christina Engström is first author of this paper)

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Ovidiu Sandor, Cristian Bogdan, Kristina Groth, Cooperative Learning through ICT: the Case of the Swedish Teachers Abroad. In Proceedings of EISTA 2005, 3rd International Conference on Education and Information Systems: Technologies and Applications, Orlando, Florida, July 2005.

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Kristina Groth, Writing Personal Information on the World Wide Web. In European writing conferences, Barcelona, October 1996.


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