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Hercules Dalianis


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Current Projects

Human language technology group at NADA


Previous Projects

SeaSum-Search and Summarize

Wapalizer-Wapalizer-To automatically create a WAP portal from a web portal

ASTROGEN - Aggregated deep and Surface naTuRal language GENerator

ScandSum- Summarization network in Scandinavia


Publications within the HCI Group

Hercules Dalianis, Evaluating a spelling support in a search engine. In Proceedings of NLDB 2002, Springer Verlag, June 2002.

Johan Carlberger, Hercules Dalianis, Martin Hassel, Ola Knutsson, Improving Precision in Information Retrieval for Swedish using Stemming. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0116, NADA, August 2001.

Hercules Dalianis, Erik Åström, SweNam-A Swedish Named Entity recognizer. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0113, NADA, July 2001.

Hercules Dalianis, Martin Hassel, Development of a Swedish Corpus for Evaluating Summarizers and other. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0112, NADA, July 2001.

Hercules Dalianis, SweSum - A Text Summarizer for Swedish. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0015, NADA, October 2000.


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