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Bo Westerlund


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My current research interest concerns both the design processes and artefacts in the broadest sense. I.e. how can we generate ideas for artefacts that people find meaningful? Basically this has two sides. One is the generative part, the design processes. The other is the use aspect, the roles artefacts get when people construct meaning in specific contexts.

I conduct cooperative design workshops and teach in some courses.

I am a also professor in design methodology at the Department for Communication and Design at the University of Kalmar in the south of Sweden. My focus there is on design methodology and processes that lead to innovative product design.

My background is in industrial design and I graduated with a master in industrial design 1985 at Konstfack (University College of Arts, Craft and Design).

1993-2001 I was a Senior Lecturer in graphic technology at Konstfack in Stockholm, the department for Graphic Design & Illustration.


Previous Projects

NEPOMUK - Networked Environment for Personalized, Ontology-based Management of Unified Knowledge - The Social Semantic Desktop (EU)

interLiving - Designing Interactive Intergenerational Interfaces for Living Together (EU)

CID - Centre for user-oriented IT-Design

DAPHNE - Digital and physical interactive environments


Publications within the HCI Group

Sinna Lindquist, Bo Westerlund, Yngve Sundblad, Reality based video prototypes. Technical report HCI / CSC, December 2006.

Sinna Lindquist, Rósa Guðjónsdóttir, Bo Westerlund, Kristina Groth, Yngve Sundblad, Cristian Bogdan, Design methods and work process: From Field studies to design guidelines. Technical report NEPOMUK D1.4, CSC, KTH, February 2008.

Bo Westerlund, Sinna Lindquist, Phoning a deaf person,. In in Designing with Video, Focusing the User-centred Design Process, by Ylirisku, Salu and Buur, Jacob, 149-155, Springer-Verlag, London, September 2007. (Note: The book is complemented by video excerpts on a DVD showing real, first-hand case studies both in academic and industrial contexts.)

Sinna Lindquist, Bo Westerlund, Yngve Sundblad, Helena Tobiasson, Michel Beaudouin-Lafon, Wendy Mackay, Co-designing Communication Technology with and for Families – Methods, Experience, Results and Impact. In Streitz, Kameas, Mavrommati, 4500, 99-119, Springer, Heidelberg, May 2007. (Note: The Disappearing Computer: Interaction Design, System Infrastructures and Applications for Smart Environments)

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Bo Westerlund, Design of Communication Interfaces Together with Family Members in interLiving. i-com, Zeitschrift für interaktive und kooperative Medien, Volume 5 | 1/2006, January 2006. 54-58. (Note: Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag

Bo Westerlund, Stuck in a material - or why design research about design processes can be useful. In Proceedings of ERA-05 Joining forces conference, UIAH, Helsinki, September 2005.

Bo Westerlund, Sinna Lindquist, Reality based video-prototyping. In Proceedings of ECSCW'05, ECSCW, Paris, September 2005. (Note: 8,5 minute video)

Bo Westerlund, Sinna Lindquist, Yngve Sundblad, interLiving; a multi-disciplinary cooperative design approach.. In Proceedings of CHI 2004, ACM, Vienna, April 2004. (Note: In CHI 2004 Workshop on Exploring the Relationship between Design and HCI, April 2004., 3pp)

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Sinna Lindquist, Bo Westerlund, Artefacts for understanding. Working Papers in Art and Design, ISSN 1456-4917, 3, June 2004. (Note: The journal is avalable on-line at:

Bo Westerlund, Sinna Lindquist, Yngve Sundblad, Co-designing with and for families. In Proceedings of the conference Good | Bad | Irrelevant, COST269: User aspects of ICT, September 2003.

Charlie Gullström, Mats Erixon, Sören Lenman, Minna Räsänen, Björn Thuresson, Bo Westerlund, Anders Wiberg, Samhörighet på distans - rapport från fas 1, 2:a september 2002 - 15:e januari 2003. Technical report TRITA-NA-D0302, NADA, January 2003.

Bo Westerlund, Sinna Lindquist, Yngve Sundblad, Co-designing methods for designing with and for families.. In Proceedings of 5th European Academy of Design Conference, EAD, Barcelona, Spain, April 2003. (Note: Wendy Mackay is also one of the authors of the paper.)

Bo Westerlund, Sinna Lindquist, Björn Eiderbäck, Yngve Sundblad, Technology Probes: Inspiring Design for and with Families. In Proceedings of CHI 2003, ACM, April 2003. (Note: The complete list of authors are: Hutchinson, Mackay, Westerlund, Bederson, Druin, Plaisant, Beaudouin-Lafon, Conversy, Evans, Hansen, Roussel, Eiderbäck, Lindquist, Sundblad.)

Bo Westerlund, Form is Function. In Proceedings of DIS 2002, Designing Interactive Systems, ACM Press, London, June 2002.

Mats Erixon, Charlie Gullström, Sören Lenman, Minna Räsänen, Björn Thuresson, Bo Westerlund, Anders Wiberg, Kommunikation och samhörighet på distans – rapport från förstudie. Technical report ISSN 1403-0721, NADA, January 2001.


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