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Olle Bälter

I am on paternity leave one day every week, mostly Thurdays.

Email: balter AT
Phone: +46-(0)8-790 6341
Fax: +46-(0)8-790 9099
Office: Lindstedtsvägen 5, floor 5 , room 4541
Mail: HCI Group, CSC, KTH, 100 44 Stockholm
Royal Institute of Technology
SE-100 44 Stockholm

For more information read my personal home page at

Vice Dean of Education at CSC.

Research interests: e-learning, e-mail usage, webb surveys, computer games and web courses.


Current Projects

EC/DC Epidemiological Computerized Data Collection

Science Education for the Internet Age


Previous Projects

KnowHow: Knowledge exchange, communication and context in electronic networks

Communication patterns in CSCW

(KnowHow project) Management and organisation of information in electronic communication

Heavy users of email

ARTUR - a multimodal ARticulation TUtoR


Publications within the HCI Group

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