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Hans Persson

Industrial Phd student

Fax: +46-(0)8-790 9099
Office: Lindstedtsvägen 5, floor 5 and 6 ,
Mail: HCI Group, CSC, KTH, 100 44 Stockholm
070-996 33 48 IHT Heden 1128 821 31 Bollnäs Sweden

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Hans Persson is a PhD candidate (KTH, Stockholm) at the Institute for Humane Technology. He has a background in cognitive psychology/pedagogic and he has a Licentiate degree, in Human-Computer Interaction, from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and he are a member in the National Swedish Design research school. His research interests include human interaction, usability and accessibility for all, deliberation activity as innovation approach, and research methods for user-based interaction design. His current research topics are user involvement and evaluation methods in design for “ease of use” products.

He is also participating in the following standardisation groups:

  • ISO/TC159/WG2 “Ergonomics for people with special requirements”
  • ISO/TC159/WG11 "Ease of operation of everyday products –Test method for consumer products"
  • ISO TC122 WG9 "Packaging — Accessible Design"— General Guidelines"
  • CEN-TC 261-WG 2, ” Packaging – Ease of opening”, SIS-TK 164-AG 11 Swedish mirror group
  • CEN/BTWG 185, CENELEC/BTWG 101-5 "European accessibility requirements for public procurement of products and services in the ICT domain (European Commission Mandate M 376, Phase 1)", SIS/TK 504 Swedish mirror group
  • SIS/TK 380 ”Ergonomics"
  • ETSI/ITS/AG 9 (WG ICT Accessibility)


Previous Projects

CID - Centre for user-oriented IT-Design


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