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Kjell Krona

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Interested in user-interface technologies, in particular as it relates to graphic design and end-user programming. Works mostly on Mac OS and web-related technologies.

An architect by education, I came into contact with user-interface research about 10 years ago through the research cooperation between IPLAB and the section of Design Methodology at the dept. of Architecture.

Currently working on a project establishing a web site for information on research and development of language related technologies, such as dictionaries, parsers, spell checkers, speech tehnologies, et c.
See the project pages (NOT YET finished) for more information.


Previous Projects

Språ - an introductory study for a web site on language technology


Publications within the HCI Group

Rickard Domeij, Kjell Krona, www.språ - Förstudie över upprättande av en virtuell mötesplats för språkteknologi. Technical report TRITA-NA-P9816, NADA, May 1998.

Kerstin Frenckner, Kjell Krona, The Conversion of a Linear Text to Hypertext. Technical report TRITA-NA-P9324, NADA, January 1993.


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