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The HCI Group

The HCI group at CSC, KTH, has its roots in the IPLab research group (1985-) and the CID competence centre (1995-2005).

Some specific interests and competences of this HCI group are methods and practice of

  • Computer support for writing and reading processes
  • CSCW: Computer-supported collaborative work
  • User oriented design and development
  • Perceptual user interfaces
  • Human-robot interaction
  • Connected communities

The current personnel of HCI at CSC at KTH includes about 15 senior researchers/teachers and about 15 research students.

Currently (2006) HCI:ers are involved in:

Previous projects and publications (up to 2005) can be found at the web sites of IPLab (Interaction and Presentation Laboratory), 263 publications, and CID - Centre for user-oriented IT-Design, 329 publications.

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