Recording images

Some useful tips

Now, that your scene is in place and the object is fixed, it is time to think about the recordings. As we used the cloud-based free Autodesk 123D catch service, it might be a good idea to visit Autodesk, Inc. and have a look at their tutorial videos.
For a good 3D model, at least 40 images are needed. For these, walk around the object in a circle and take pictures from the side and slightly from above. The distance on the circle between the photos should be such that each detail of the object is visible in at least three of the images. The maximum number of images to take is set to 70 by Autodesk.

When walking around the object keep in mind not to move the object or anything in the environment. Furthermore, try to avoid changes in lightning by covering the light source with your body. Once the object is covered as a whole, you can take some images of important details, if needed.