APERoC 2012
first international workshop on
Action for Perception: Endowing Robots with Cognition

Action for Perception: Endowing Robots with Cognition

This full-day workshop focusses on the central role of action in robotic perception and cognition. Studies of active perception have shown how actions can enable and simplify perceptual processes. In this workshop, however, we aim to go beyond that, as for an autonomous cognitive system it is not only important to perform actions to boost perception, but also to predict the perceptual changes that result as a consequence of those actions.

It is this understanding of sensorimotor relations that allows the system to choose appropriate actions to perform a certain task. An important aspect is that sensorimotor relations are specific to the system, its morphology, and the interaction with its environment. It is therefore crucial for the system to learn about the relations from its own experience.

The discussion will be triggered and stimulated by talks of selectedinvited speakers coming from a broad spectrum of scientific fields,but having cognitive robotics as common point of reference.The workshop is targeted at a heterogeneous audience with researchers from a variety of research fields.We expect that the attendees will contribute to a common understanding of the topic viewed from different perspectives and we aspire in a constructive osmosis ofideas.

Lazaros Nalpantidis, Renaud Detry, Gert Kootstra,
Alexander Maye, Justus Piater, Tamim Asfour, Danica Kragic